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La treille (the arbour)



Aubusson tapestry woven in the Andraud workshop.
Complete with certificate of origin.
Circa 1960.


Claude Bleynie discovered the art of tapestry with Jean Picart le Doux in 1952. He exhibited at the La Demeure gallery (from 1958) and participated in the main exhibitions devoted to mural art. His tapestry production counts more than 300 cartoons, mainly realised by the Andraud workshop. Bleynie, in a more abstract vein (which can also be found in his tapestries) notably designed cartoons for rugs which were intended for the luxurious appartment christened “Ile de France” on the ocean liner “France”.


Here we have a cartoon which combines natural elements (the vine, grapes…) and fantasy (the birds, the geometric background) which are all charracteristic of this artist’s universe.