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La mer intérieure (the landlocked sea)



Tapestry woven by the A3 workshop.
Complete with signed certificate of origin, n°1/6.



André Brasilier introduced Bernard Cathelin to the weavers of  L’atelier3 in 1973 : this would mark the beginning of a long collaboration which would result in the production of something over fifty different  pieces. L’Atelier3, under the influence of the evolving techniques developed by “La Nouvelle Tapisserie” (particularly the development of volume and relief) came to specialise in the reproduction of paintings (d’Alechinsky, Arman, Jorn…).

A cousin of the Terrail family, owners of the famous Tour d’Argent restaurant, Cathelin will contribute to its renovation (redesigning the façade) and the subsequent  re-decoration (screens and this tapestry…). The design, in a soothing palette of silvery greys, is evocative of a Japanese landscape, of which he also produced a print “Seascape off Onomichi”.


Originally owned by the Restaurant La Tour d’argent.

Bibliography :
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