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Henri-Georges ADAM

Oiseaux dans les vagues (Birds in the waves)




Tapestry, perhaps woven in the Aghaïan workshop.
With a certificate from the Galerie Inard.
Circa 1975.




Henri-Georges Adam’s output is very varied as he applied himself to sculpture, engraving and also tapestry from 1947 onwards : he invented and perfected with the help of Pierre Baudouin the « fil a fil » technique which allowed the realisation of varying degrees of grey by the juxtaposition of black and white thread, rather than using died wools, according to an aesthetic reminiscent of his engravings, a style which would evolve towards simple and refined abstract forms.

In 1951 came the start of a collaboration with the Manufactures Nationales : no fewer than 42 tapestries would be woven both at Beauvais and at les Gobelins.

This tapestry was woven in the 1970’s for the Galerie Inard who had acquired the whole of Adam’s output. The habitual geometrical shapes have here given way, although in a similar monochrome vein, to a rather more lyrical and poetic evocation of a seascape.




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