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 Feux de la Saint-Jean (bonfires on Midsummer Night)



Tapestry woven by the Saint-Cyr workshop.
Complete with label, n°1/6.


Huguette Arthur Bertrand figures among the first representatives of French lyrical abstract art of the postwar period alongside such names as Soulages, Bryen or Bazaine,…

From the end of the 1960’s her work is being woven at the Saint Cyr de Pierre Daquin workshop, along with other artists defended by the Arnaud gallery (Guitet, Fichet…) She then went on to work with young weavers at Workshop 3, then with the Legoueix workshop in Aubusson, and would have an exhibition devoted to her production at “La Demeure” in 1975.


Her interest in  tapestry emanated from her preoccupation with the integration of  visual art into architectural fabric (she would for example conceive of screen-walls, which would be woven on both sides) ; her tapestries were a vehicle for her own contemporary works (often small-scale water colours or gouache paintings, which would be a sort of mental cartoon, translated by the artist into a cartoon which would then itself evolve through a process providing constant contact between the artist and the weavers) dynamic, often on a white background frequently employing weaving techniques that involved shading and relief work as on this model.



Bibliography :
Exhibition catalogue Arthur Bertrand Tapisseries, galerie la Demeure, 1975, ill.