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Saint François parlant aux animaux (St Francis talking to the animals)


Aubusson tapestry woven in the Perathon workshop.
Circa 1940.




Jean Bazaine, like many of his contemporaries, was a prolific mural artist particularly for large scale edifices. Although he is above all recognised as a designer of stained glass windows and mosaics, he was also making tapestry cartoons as early as the 1930’s. These pieces formed part of the renewal of religious art of which Bazaine would be one of the principal protagonists, particularly after the war.

Jean Bazaine, in association with l’abbé Morel (one of those foremost in promoting the introduction of abstract art into churches), was at the head of a painters’ workshop from 1936 to 1937 hence, undoubtedly, the preoccupations which he had already voiced in the domain of religious art. This particular cartoon, figurative in character, (Bazaine would abandon figurative representation during the war period) employing traditional iconography, is thus a modest example of the artist’s first steps in both mural and religious art.