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Oiseaux (birds)


Tapestry woven in the Bascoulergue workshop.
Circa 1960.


Perrot began his career as a cartoon designer at the end of the war, making almost 500 cartoons including numerous commissions from the state, most of which were woven at Aubusson. His style which is particularly rich and decorative is eminently recognisable : a crowd of butterflies or birds, most often, stands out against a background of vegetation, reminiscent of the millefleurs tapestries (which would also inspire Dom Robert).


Typical of the work of Perrot this cartoon sees the cohabitation of an ornithological subject and a mille-fleurs background in characteristically rich association.


Tapisseries, dessins, peintures, gravures de René Perrot, Dessein et Tolra, 1982