La Tapisserie du XXe siècle

20th century tapestries


Associated with such artists as Lurçat, Saint-Saëns, Matégot, Dom Robert, Derain or Calder, tapestries in the 20th century underwent a complete revival for which Aubusson was the matrix. With the benefit of this age-old craftsmanship, these painter-designers, whether they be figurative or abstract, managed to produce eminently decorative pieces of art, reflecting the preoccupations of their times whose large compositions and vibrant colours can find a home in the most minimalist interiors and on the largest walls.

Sebastien Meunier’s passion for these art works leads him to invite you to share in his enthusiasm. On this website you will find an introduction to our collections, offering the widest possible choice of 20th century tapestries. All of the pieces on sale are hand-made, a large majority at Aubusson (icidentally, the Aubusson tapestry factory was listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2009) on low-warp looms and produced in limited editions of 8 at the most.

They can be seen by appointment in our offices at 8, rue Drouot, Paris.