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Jean-Michel FOLON

Voir (Seeing)

Aubusson tapestry woven by the Four workshop.
With label signed by the artist’s beneficiary, n°4/6.
Circa 1980.


An artistic all-rounder, who defined himself as “neither a painter, nor a draughtsman, nor a poster artist, nor a writer, nor an engraver. My work is neither abstract nor figurative … I do not pretend to understand my images, and everyone is free to understand them as they like. I have merely tried to represent my own imaginings, in the hope that others will be able to recognise their own in them”, Folon was an incredibly successful artist, from his illustrations for famous American magazines in the 1960’s, his many poster designs, the works he presented at the Biennials in Venice and in Sao Paolo to the television credits for Antenne 2,… There is therefore no reason to be surprised that he also turned his hand to tapestry design (his largest piece, 80m2 is exhibited at the Centre des Congrès in Monaco, woven, as all his other works in the genre, by the Four workshop), in his characteristic airy and understated style whose inspiration is not a thousand miles from that of his compatriot Magritte.
The aesthetic employed in « Voir » is directly descended from watercolour (pale colours that melt into one another), his preferred medium (which makes his work specific and a world away from that of other painter-cartoonists of the same period.


Folon’s distinctive dream-like vision is illustrated here in a landscape where the Sun, half-hidden behind an undulating line, could be interpreted as an eye.