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L’aile du vent I (The wing of the wind I)


Aubusson tapestry woven by the Pinton workshop.
With signed and dedicated label, n°1/6.
Circa 1980.


Marc Petit met Jean Lurçat in 1954, went to Aubusson in 1955, exhibited his work for the first time at La Demeure in 1956, became a member of the A.P.C.T. (Association des Peintres-Cartonniers de Tapisserie) in 1958. After this lightning start to his career, he produced hundreds of cartoons, in a style all his own, where long-legged waders and acrobats wend in and out of dreamscapes.


The poetic nature of the title invites us into a sky animated by birds, metaphors for the wind ruffling the foliage ; here the style of the artist evolves towards a world which is safer, less dense and tormented, simpler.