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La femme fleur (woman-flower)


Aubusson tapestry woven in the Four workshop.
Complete with label, n°2/6.
Circa 2000.




Roger Bezombes was a proponent of monumental art from the beginning. He received numerous commissions for tapestries on behalf of the state which were woven first at the Gobelins and then at Aubusson, particularly with the Hamot workshop whose dyers were able to produce for him wools to match exactly the colours used for his cartons (which he painted himself to scale). In 1952-53, he produced a monumental set (300 m2) for the pavilion of the French colonies at the Cité Universitaire de Paris. He abandoned the weaving technique at the end of the 1950’s in favour of hangings made of assembled fabrics.



At the beginning of the 1980’s , Bezombes returned to tapestry with “Bally” (see Audap-Mirabaud auction 19.11.12, lot n° 8) and this cartoon (see also what is doubtless the original drawing in the Pillon auction 4.12.2005 n° 245), both are particularly dreamlike and strongly influenced by graphic art and illustration techniques.


“La femme-fleur”  is reproduced in the « Tapisserie d’Aubusson” file edited by the Guéret Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the beginning of the 1980’s to illustrate the technical mastery of the weavers of Aubusson.

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Hauteur : 140 cm

Largeur : 91 cm

Prix : Between 2,000€ and 5,000€

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