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François Farvèze

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François Farvèze



Aubusson tapestry woven in the Picaud workshop.
Circa 1960.


Born in 1912, Farvèze is one of the second generation of painter-cartonniers whose heyday dates from the end of the 1950’s, with the likes of Grékoff, Ferréol, Petit, Potin, … Influenced both by his meeting with Gleizes and a trip to Senegal which brought prestigious state commissions, he would be chosen to participate in the second Biennale de Lausanne in 1965.


This piece is characterised by a highly stylised and very colourful design ; the absence of the certificate of origin means that we have no indication of the title or subject  – although various animal-shaped forms can be distinguished.



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Hauteur : 242 cm

Largeur : 321 cm

Prix : Between 5,000 and 10,000€

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