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Louis-Marie JULLIEN

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Louis-Marie JULLIEN

Faiseur d’étoiles (Starmaker)


Aubusson tapestry woven in the André workshop.
With signed label, n°3/3.


After the traditional completion of some mural paintings in the 1930’s, he then arrived in Aubusson in 1936, became closely associated with Picart le Doux in 1947 and then joined the A.P.C.T. (Association des Peintres-Cartonniers de Tapisserie). From then on he devoted himself to tapestry with zeal and designed 167 cartoons, at first figurative following on from Picart le Doux and Saint-Saëns, then, influenced by the scientific themes that he dealt with, tending more towards abstraction. In 1981, two years before his death, he donated his studio to the Musée départemental de la tapisserie in Aubusson.


Jullien’s interest in science and technology was evident early on in his career, at the end of the 1950’s, and this position singled him out somewhat among the other designers of the post-war period known in France as the “30 glorieuses”  (despite a few works by Matégot, Maurice André and particularly Millecamps).  Jullien imagined in 1961 an exhibition of his works entitled “Espace Poétique de l’Industrie” (Poetry in Industry) where he exhibited “Diamant noir” (the coal mine), Métropolis (oil refineries),  …, and this piece “Faiseur d’étoiles”,  an allegory of autogenous welding.


Bibliography :
Exhibition Catalogue, Espace poétique de l’industrie, galerie La Demeure, 1961 (ill.)
Exhibition catalogue Hommage à Louis-Marie Jullien, Aubusson, Musée départemental de la Tapisserie, 1983

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Hauteur : 255 cm

Largeur : 330 cm

Prix : Between 5,000 and 10,000€

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