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Maurice Ferréol

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Maurice Ferréol

Danseuses cambodgiennes (Cambodian dancers)




Tapestry woven at Aubusson by the Picaud workshop.
Certificate of origin, n° 1/4.
Circa 1965.



Although somewhat overlooked now, the contribution that Maurice Ferréol made, in the 1960’s, to the design of figurative tapestry is quite remarkable. He proposed a style redolent of popular imagery where the use of pure blocks of colour exacerbates the almost childlike outline of the figures.

What connects these bright and garishly coloured, masked  figures to Cambodia?  They are simply a pretext for a profusion of colours and  motifs in the particular characteristic style of Ferréol.

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Hauteur : 100 cm

Largeur : 150 cm

Prix : Between 2,000€ and 5,000€

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