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Aubusson tapestry woven by the Tabard workshop.
Complete with certificate of origin, worn , signed by the artist.
1964 or 1965.




From early on in his career, Mortensen, favoured an abstract painting style. He settled in Paris in 1947 and showed his works, with other artists also inclined to geometric abstraction, at the Denise René gallery. In 1952 under the aegis of François Tabard and Vasarely an exhibition titled « 12 original tapestries » opened at the gallery where, in the company of Le Corbusier and Léger, there appeared works by Deyrolle, Taueber-Arp and Mortensen who thus became the first abstract painters to be reproduced in tapestry and a new art form was born (in this context, it must not be forgotten that this is the period where the “Lurçat style” was absolutely dominant) which Gilioli, Matégot and Tourlière will all subsequently claim as their own. Mortensen’s collaboration with the “René-Tabard tapestries” will last until 1968, even though he returned to his native Denmark in 1964. The 14 works of the artist which will be woven are characterised by his large-scale geometrical  compositions, using bright, light and contrasting colours in large expanses of colour, which the weavers of the Tabard workshop reproduce with great success.


This tapestry is one of the 3 tapestries woven by the Tabard workshop in 1964-1965 to have no title (cf. Catalogue of the tapestries woven by the Tabard workshop), each of the 3 is a one-off piece.


Bibliography :
Exhibition catalogue, Aubusson, la voie abstraite, Aubusson, Musée départmental de la Tapisserie, 1993

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Hauteur : 296 cm

Largeur : 214 cm

Prix : Between 10,000€ and 25,000€

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