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Bruit d’ailes (Wing noise)


Tapestry woven in the Braquenié workshop.
Complete with label.
Circa 1960.




Representing the prolific Belgian school of modern tapestry, Marie Dambiermont, is one of its most sensitive protagonists whose work is resolutely figurative. She made her tapestry début at the age of 24 in 1956 and that led her to a close collaboration with the Braquenié establishment in 1958 and from there to two participations in the Biennales de tapisserie in Lausanne in 1962 and 1965.

The world she inhabits is a singular place peopled with hieratic figures, often feminine who inhabit dream-like landscapes which are strange and occasionally troubling. The perceived osmosis between the human figures in her work and Nature (and thus on occasion, living creatures, birds, horses…) are also doubtless the manifestations of a pantheist vision : Nature as a living, animated and even, as in this example, a sound-filled entity.


Bibliography :
Paul Caso, Mary Dambiermont, Editions Arts et voyages, 1975, ill p.11






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Largeur : 235 cm

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